Back from Amsterdam, or, Where to Eat in Amsterdam


It’s been quiet on this blog for a while now. I haven’t been scrapping much lately as I’ve been so run down at the end of the school year. Hopefully I’ll have something new to share very soon :)

Last week we went to Amsterdam. Well, he rode his motorcycle on Sunday and I followed by plane on Tuesday. It is such a lovely city! I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of the photos…


Leaving Stavanger airport, I caught this photo. Such a great view!


Once at Schiphol, I bought a train ticket and boarded a train. However, I because uncertain of its destination, even though I went to the correct platform. Commence panic! However, I arrived at Amsterdam Centraal Station in the end.


Once in the city center, I hopped on a tram, but hopped back off once my iPhone map service showed it going over the channel Singel. By foot I discovered this signpost showing the way to the Torture Museum. On the phone with T, he saw a similar sign and we decided that would be a good a place to meet up as any. Then he showed me the way to the hotel.
The view from our 6th floor hotel room was quite spectacular that first afternoon. Note, however, that this image has been edited…
That first night we went for a channel tour, departing from the hotel’s own dock (!). Wine, cheese and pretzels included. In contrast to the two couples on the table behind us, we only finished one bottle, whereas we donated our white wine to them… The tour took us through many of the city’s channels, including some very narrow ones. We were told the history of the city and shows quite a few of the sights and special buildings. I highly recommend this night tour to get a feel for the city. Sure, we saw many tourist boats on the channels during the day, but they were very crowded and I’m not sure there was a guide on them.


We slept in the following day, but headed our to Broodje Bert for our breakfast. If you ever go to Amsterdam, you have to eat here. Very reasonable priced and lovely food. I had a very yummy melted brie and tomato sandwich, my husband has a melted salami sandwich. The orange juice was freshly squeezed and the coffee excellent. Click the photo to be taked to “Spotted by Local” reviews of the place.
Next up was Koffiehuis de Hoek. If you go here, get the cheesecake. Best ever! Click photo for reviews.
That evening we had tickets for the Anne Frank Huis. Tip: Book and print tickets in advance – you won’t have to queue (outside). However, you’ll be walking in line once inside. The tour, with the waiting and queueing indoors, took a little over an hour. Worth the money? Yes, I think so!


On our way to breakfast, we found the Oostindisch Huis (East-India Company) next to what is believed to be the world’s most narrow building – 2.02m across, 6 stories high.

Thursday morning and breakfast at Café Latei, where everything (and I do mean everything) is for sale. They serve a wonderful breakfast menu and the staff was very nice. Click photo for reviews.
That afternoon we ate at Café Gartine, a lovely café in Taaksteg. Every vegetable they serve is a product of their own garden. I had a lovely sandwich with young green beans marinated in aniseed olive oil, Bergens Blonde on toast, with a hot sambal of coconut and parsley. My husband had a soup and we both had a so extremely-fantastic-I-can’t-even-describe-it homemade vanilla ice tea. He was very pleased with the espresso cheese cake and I loved the Lemon Merengue Pie. We were lucky they had seats for once when we arrived unannounced. More people came who had reservations and quite a few potential guests were turned away as they didn’t. Might be a good idea to make reservations! Click photo for more reviews.

That day we also went to the Rembrandt Huis, but I don’t have any photos of that… If you’re in Amsterdam, do it. Not many people and you get to walk around a really cool house looking at cool art and perhaps learning how to make paint (we did).


We walked from our hotel at Nieuwe Doelenstraat towards the Van Gogh museum and grabbed breakfast on the way. I don’t know what the place was called, but they served a very, very good orange juice! Just though the Rijksmuseum, we stopped at the iAmsterdam-letters for a photo-op – like every other tourist in Amsterdam… ;)

Once at the museum, we picked up our multimedia tour-PDAs and got started on the exhibition. If you go, pay €5 extra for the multimedia tour. It’s not spectacular, but you definitely get that little extra bang for your bucks.
After the museum, we took the 10 tram to the Gooyer Windmill.

And we found this cool shop called Locals after looking for it for over an hour. We were first there on Wednesday, but didn’t make a note of where it was, so on Friday we were left wandering for ever to find it. All I knew was that it was west of the big shopping street Kalverstraat. They sell Dutch design. Click photo for their facebook page.
I got this awesome bag, from Old School Bags (click photo for site) and a necklace (not sure which brand).
Afterwards we were famished, so we stopped by a really nice restaurant/café called Van Harte in the Nine Streets and had some lekker hapje (the plural form of hap, literally bite). In photo: cheese sticks, white wine and a cocktail with their own liqueur (I think). Click photo for the restaurant’s site.
The we shared some cheesecake…


Waiting for the tram at Rokin
Breakfast at Schiphol…
Reading at the gate. Click photo for book description.
Leaving Amsterdam…
Hello Stavanger…
  • Michelle

    Looks amazing!!! Will be pinning this as Amsterdam is definitely on my must go list. The view from the hotel was indeed amazing. I’m so envious you went to the Rijks- that’s also on my must go list. :) fantastic photos- I love seeing these posts they give me all sorts of ideas!

    • Margrethe

      Thanks, Michelle! We didn’t actually end up at the Rijksmuseum, just past underneath/through it ;) I do hope we go back, though, and then we can visit that museum :)